Where have I been?

Sitting at my desk, working at my computer, pulling together eight issues of NSW Sea Kayaker, the magazine of NSW Sea Kayak Club; enough to send me running far from the desk and the computer for quite some time.  So while I have been absent from this post, I have been out there, adventuring.

September 2011: relishing the waterfalls of the Royal National Park, earned after paddling up South West Arm.


Walking slowly and quietly past the wildlife along the Spit to Manly bushwalk.


Delighting in Spring, a season that Arrives in the Blue Mountains.


???????????????????????????????And then I went out to sea off Sydney in the Orca…

Photo by Peter

Photo by Peter

…and took it around the cliffs of Beecroft Peninsula to the pretty Silica Beach.

Silica Beach, Jervis Bay

Silica Beach, Jervis Bay


View from Silica Beach to Bowen Island

In early December 2011 we went to the Blue Mountains, training for our holiday trip to Kosciuszko National Park, and walked the National Pass and other tracks.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????

So while I haven’t been here, I have been elsewhere…

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