An everyday bloke … and a real hero

Mark’s a pretty cool guy. I mean who else wouldn’t bat an eyelid when asked to demo his surf skills on Jibbon Bommie for his sea skills assessment. He just pulled his helmet out of his day hatch and paddled on over to the rolling surf. Me, a mere newbie to this kayaking lark, watched wide-eyed.

Mark has also saved someone’s life. While the other Saturday motorists on busy Marrickville Road in Sydney beeped their horns cos they couldn’t access the car park, Mark took note of what was really happening, saw a bloke in serious need of real help and got stuck right in….saving a life.

Mark’s a hero cos he gave up a few precious days to do a first aid course. When the need was there, he knew what to do and his training kicked in.

Any of us could be a hero too – have YOU done a first aid course?