East coast low

After a few days when the sounds of the surf was hardly noticeable, it seemed last night as if there was a freight train down the hill.

With an easterly swell of 4 metre waves, maxing to 7 metres, and the wave period generally close to 9 seconds, and occasionally extending to 14 seconds (ref: MHL data from Batemans Bay waverider buoy) we knew a visit to the local beach would be interesting.

at high tide the back of the beach was underwater

It was not long after high tide. The waves pounded in right across the bay. The lagoon was open with the creek flowing out with more momentum than I’ve ever seen. Waves washed over the sand spit.

watch a while as the water flows in, and out

I was wearing my gum boots so my feet stayed dry when the water came right up to my standing spot.

Notice the sign, near the end of the video, bottom left corner? It used to be on the sand spit. I retrieved it and stuck it into a safer place.

part of the sand spit stayed dry, hope any nest was high enough to survive

It’s not often that rubbish gets thrown onto this beach. My two finds were interesting. Was the toothpaste from far overseas? Or from a passing boat? It was amongst the seaweed thrown up onto the grassy bank during last night’s high tide.

What’s the story behind this sole shoe? Where is its partner now?


Down our road

Passed the scattering mob of roos

Along the quiet local road

Take the sandy bush trail towards the lagoon

Passed the tide and waves

Taking the track

Up the inclines

Down the declines

Passed banksia, eucalypts and callistemons

Across the dunes

Northwards on the beach in the sun

Passed the surfers

Up the wooden steps


To the favourite timber picnic table

Simple breakfast

Return journey

Through the campsite

Passed the tents and caravans

Up the bitumen road

Into the bush

Back on the beach

The bush track, the roads

Up the last and steepest hill