Mischief Afoot

Apologies to my kayaking readers – this blog is solely about a kitten.

Pyjamas is an Australian Mist kitten born on 5 December 2008 in a litter of 5 females at Agnusdei Cattery in the Hunter Valley.

She came to us as a Christmas present although she didn’t arrive in our home until she was 13 weeks old. We were fortunate to be invited to see Pyjamas, her four sisters and mother when the litter was just 6 weeks old and rather cute. Pyjamas was the shyest that day, hiding behind furniture and only coming out reluctantly. We spent about an hour with the litter until they fell asleep, the mother cat watching patiently and carefully all the time.

Pyjamas was very sleepy and wary the day she came here. I reckon she must have been getting over carsickness as well as wondering where her mum and sisters had gone.

Slowly she sniffed her way around learning about her new home.

By 5 months old, she is completely at home! She has crazy times when she bounces around and charges from room to room jumping off all sorts of furniture fearlessly. Other times she is calm, quiet and happy to find a warm lap to fall alseep on.
Pyjamas has learned how to play Fetch and keeps us amused with her antics chasing table tennis balls around the floor. She is very curious about anything new and I’ve come to understand that cats really want to be doing whatever I am doing – even assisting with typing and computer work.

We bought a lovely cat bed which, naturally, she ignored for quite some time preferring to sleep on us or near us. Now she will use it, especially as it is near the heater.

Since settling into our home, she has become an important family member.
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