Tuesday 7 January 2014

Donning all my paddling gear for the first time in six days brought mixed emotions… joy to be moving along again, some nerves at what lay ahead.  The winds eased as predicted and by late morning, with the tides turning in our favour, we took off.  Cape Barren Island loomed large, much larger than I’d imagined it.  We took a brief stop on Long Island before skirting around the north-eastern corner at Cape Sir John.  The high tides helped get us over the reefs and into Thunder and Lightning Bay.

What a place!  After a week in the relative civilisation of Flinders, here we were, back in the wilderness and alone.  No infrastructure, no water tanks, no roads or tracks.  Just us in a glorious place with a sunset.

Trousers Point to Cape Barren Island

Trousers Point to Cape Barren Island

Crossing Bass Strait

Trip Day 16

Paddling Day 6

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Distance covered:



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