Heading to Hogan

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Weather forecast

Leaving Refuge Cove, I’m feeling excited, which is a surprise after yesterday morning’s apprehension.  Here we are, about to strike out on our first crossing!


Setting out from Refuge Cove

The rain has stopped, the sun is almost shining through the clouds, the winds have dropped  and the forecast is looking pretty good – hah!  However due to an American who strode loudly through the campsite demanding to know what time the sun would be rising in the morning, Harry was distracted and missed the crucial part of today’s forecast.


Under sail; alert but not alarmed

Within two hours I spot low-lying Hogan Island.  There’s never a sense of being “out there” with the bulk of Wilsons Prom behind us, coastal Victoria to our north and various islands dotted to our south.  The clouds have cleared, the sun is shining, the wind has picked up, and continues to do so.  We’re sailing, I’m focussed, in that “alert but not alarmed” focus that decent seas and a quartering tailwind demand.

Every 15-20 minutes I’m scanning the horizon, Mike’s words of advice sounding in my ears.  This is a busy shipping lane.  I’ve got the app related to the Marine Traffic website on my phone but that ain’t much good stowed in my day hatch.  All focus is on paddling and sailing.  As we close in on Hogan I’m getting that feeling that we’re moving but going nowhere.  The wind waves stand up steeper as they hit the tidal flows.  Still, the Twin Islets seem to be evading me.  Eventually we close in – and hit flat waters.


Calmer waters

Blue sky, incredible scenery, I cry.  Due to relief from the sea state?  Or thrill at making Hogan?  Or the sheer, stunning presence of this place?


Approaching Hogan

We land and joyfully commence the unpacking routine, interrupting it for whoops of joy, skinny dips, food breaks and photo ops.


The remains of the Hogan Hut


Looking back to the Prom and the Australian mainland

Taking in Hogan

Taking in Hogan


Tomorrow’s destination – the Kent Group









Later, I know I should sleep, there’s yet another big day tomorrow but I don’t want to let the day end.  Harry works and plots inside the tent while I sit outside, breathing, chasing away the persistent rat, adding to the calculations, breathing, smiling.


Refuge Cove to Hogan Island

Refuge Cove to Hogan Island

First crossing: to Hogan

First crossing: to Hogan







Crossing Bass Strait

Trip Day 2

Paddling Day 2

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Distance covered: 52km

Launched: 8.00am

Landed: 3.45pm

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