Under the Falls

A long day.

An awesome day.

A day of new skills.

Today I learned
… to ‘moon the menace’ in crossing eddy lines, breaking in and breaking out
… to pirouette in the tidal stream
… to paddle out of a whirlpool
… to completely zip the zipper all the way on a dry suit; that last 5mm is crucial in not letting in the water
… variations on familiar rescues, necessary in the colder Scottish waters
… to use eddies in paddling upstream, though to be honest, I just paddled like bugger up the waterhill, followed Tony and his shouts of direction

And I gained an understanding of the complexities of kayaking these moving waters, the tides and tidal movements dictate

Meantime Harry celebrated his birthday in a way that made him smile – rolling along the eddylines.

[More photos to follow]

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