Hearing Seeing Doing

Ginni’s discussion about how we can use hearing and seeing and doing to aid learning at the recent NSWSKC instructor development weekend put me in a reflective place, thinking back over how I’ve been learning, Greenland-style.

Actually, my journey started with buying – a Tahe Greenland T, a handmade Greenland Paddle and Helen Wilson’s DVD “Simplifying the Roll”. 
I’ve watched the DVD many times, coming back to it again and again after a session on the water.  I’ve listened carefully to Helen’s instructions and pointers.  Then I’ve kept as much as I can in my head, and worked with that while on the water, under the water and moving around the water.  I asked my mate Pete to watch the DVD too, so even though he has never attempted the balance brace, hearing and seeing was enough for him to be a great coach.
I’m taking baby steps, doing more each time I get on the water, challenging myself in a new way each time, practising the skills on both left and right sides.
And I’m loving it!  Doing this is soothing and peaceful.  Floating, I find I close my eyes and relish the sensual feeling.  My body finds pleasure in the moves that are smooth and flowing.  My mind is stretched as I move to new and unfamiliar positions and work with my body to find the next place.  
I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand

Ancient Chinese Proverb

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