WWW – Winter Whale Watching

Argh. Winter is on its way and I have not been motivated to paddle much. This time last year I had a clear paddling goal – the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic. What to do? Whales! They are travelling north during June. How about I make them my motivation….whale watching paddles.

Actually, the plan got changed as I scored the chance to demo paddle the Tahe Greenland T. With strong sou’westerly winds, 2-3 metre swells and the opportunity to take this interesting kayak out the Heads and into the open ocean, how could I refuse? Some dynamic waters for a test paddle. My paddling mates kindly agreed and kept me in a tight pod providing guidance as I tried out a new boat. No whales, but we did spot dolphins.
Tahe photos by Matt Bezzina

Having chosen to bushwalk the lovely track to Mount Bushwalker across undulating rock platforms to serene views of Pigeonhouse Mountain, the Castle and the Budawangs on the day my mates found whales just outside Ulladulla Harbour, I was most determined to find them the following day. Despite clear skies and light winds, no whales sighted. Though it was a great paddle, finding ourselves 5km off the coast with a 2 knot current taking us southwards.

This is more like it! See post dated 20 June.

A Friday morning paddle from Watsons Bay with Sally and Stephan. Out of the Heads and north into the winds. Lumpy conditions, fun to bounce around in the swell and rebound. As far as Blue Fish Point when we turned back. No whales today we thought, content to have had a yellow-nosed albatross fly over us and hundreds of gulls swoop and whirl. Then! Whoosh! The humpback popped up twice for air, between us and the cliffs of North Head. And the second time, I had my camera at the ready…

Satisfied, we headed back to South Head. Stephan’s photos are interesting. Glad I bought the hi-vis hat, it really does stand out.

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