Paddle length

Ever since NSW Sea Kayak Club Rock ‘n’ Roll 2008 I’d been wanting to reduce the length of my paddle. A short session with visiting British paddler, boat designer and top coach Nigel Dennis convinced me that my paddle was way too long at 212cm. I’d considered options like selling my Braca and buying a new shorter one or splitting the paddle into a two piece but discounted that as adding unnecessary weight. Finally a few months ago, Harry helped me by taking off the left blade, cutting the shaft and replacing the blade.

Result? Paddle length 206cm and one mega-happy paddler!

From the first time on the water, the shortened paddle felt much better. I was no longer wielding a lengthy lever. I could try to do as Rob, The Balanced Boater, had advised during a coaching session earlier this year. He’d pointed out something in my forward stroke that I needed to adjust but the 212cm prevented that. I found I was able to draw away from my regular paddling partners.

Now, two months later, with greater concentration on my forward stroke, I am paddling better than ever!

[Photos to follow]

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