A Trip South – Day 1

Loading and launching from a beach filled with families enjoying the summer’s day seemed out of place. Once we crossed the bar (hardly noticeable), we headed south into glorious solitude and sunshine.

From a distance this rock lived up to its name, especially when viewed from the south…

The day was fine with hardly any wind, just a few curious gannets who flew over us.

Prior to our launch, we’d had some discussion about whether this island had a campsite so we went in for a closer look…
Turns out there is a potential campsite there…
Passing inside the rock that guards the northern head of the bay…
…we looked south to our destination, about another 10km away with a long crossing of the bay into headwinds. My body was feeling tired after 20km but I pushed on wanting to cover the 30km trip without getting out of kayaks.

Arriving and landing at this place in these conditions was a joy

Mark and his mate greeted us as we arrived at this heavenly beach, tucked away from the sou’easter and with warm water inviting us back in for a dip.

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