The view from my tent

I’ve got a pretty basic tent, a Kathmandu Comet. I bought it on sale and it is small and lightweight enough to suit my needs. It has just one pole, which creates a single ridgeline. Its biggest drawback is that in rain, when I open the fly, water drips into the tent making it really difficult to use without getting a lot of things wet.

Back in January 2007 I camped at Mowarry Point with Mike Snoad and saw how he cleverly used an extra fly over his tent which, though a Macpac, is a similar design to mine. This extra fly provided more annex space and protects the entrance to the tent.
On my Whitsundays trip I finally got around to copying Mike’s brilliant idea and was thrilled to find that not only was my inner tent staying completely dry but I also had a whole new living space! As I didn’t have enough spare pegs, rocks and even my MSR dromedary bags came in handy. Many thanks to Mike. Of course, the view from my tent can make getting up at 6.30am a delight …….



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